Has it been this long?

Man … I didn’t realize I had been so busy until I looked and saw that my last post was for TEMC 2018. Since then a ton has changed. TDEM is becoming an agency under the TAMUS umbrella Sept 1st 2019 officially, and the move that such a split from a great organization like Texas […]

Hurricane Harvey and Emergency Technology Ops in 2017

DISCLAIMER: The comments, suggestions, and viewpoints on the following post are my own and do not reflect the viewpoints of my agency nor of the state of Texas. Although I strive for accuracy above all else, I would be remiss if I did not mention that some items discussed may be limited to my point […]

Finally Have My Site Back Up

Just wanting to let everyone know that my blog about Emergency Management Technology and those sorts of things is back up. Long story short, had a nice conflict within the database stemming from importing many many moons ago that precluded an easy fix when I added a couple of cool plugins back in September. Ended […]

and now back to the regularly scheduled blog …

After starting my site back in 1998, my wonderful database of older posts had bad messages that I didn’t think about when upgrading that database since I had migrated to wordpress years ago. Yeah, big mistake. Indeed, Smithers, it mucked things up I am too lazy to fix it. So as it stands, you get […]